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[ACiD] Recruitment Criteria

Thank you for your interest in joining ACiD.  We welcome everyone to be a part of our group with pleasure, but we do have certain criteria which need to be met.

- Must be 18 years of age or older
- Must be active in forums and server
- A decent enough player.... lol
- Ability to be mature and not throw their toys out of the cot when things go tits up.
- We ask that only one tag (ours) be attached to your name.
- Must be willing and able to join us on Teamspeak and chat so we can communicate during games.
- Abide by all of our server rules:
          - NO HOPPING
          - NO LAST STAND (except for when you prestige up, but then dont shoot anyone)
          - NO HACKING

(The above rule is temporarily lifted due to no active servers)

- All accounts will be checked for any steam bans, active or expired.  Any ban on any game will render your application void unless there are exceptional circumstances behind the ban.  In any case, even if there are exceptional circumstances, no member fitting this situation will be allowed to partake in any competition or any other official capacity which ACiD is involved in.  A ban on record will also slow down any application due to us trying to liase with the applicant to ascertain more details.

We are not a strict clan with set times that you must game during or be active for x amount of times during one day or week, all we ask is to join the server and have a good laugh, be active in the forum as thats where we are all kept informed regarding matches and general chit chat.

Also, it would be a nice idea if everyone had everyone else on their steam friends list so you can see who else is online and you could all meet up in the server and get it started that way as well.

If you believe you are happy to meet these, plus the Code of Conduct, please feel free to complete the appropriate application form. (applications will remain valid for a week) and one of us will go in game with you at a suitable time for you and have a quick game if we haven't already met you in server.  For the remaining duration of the application process, we will see how active you are even if we dont constantly reply to your posts.  Rest assured, if you have put in an application, we will not forget about it or you.

We will also ask any new members to join us for a quick chat on TS.  If you are not able to do this, then we will NOT be able to accept you into the clan.

Once we have accepted you, we will give you a junior clan member class. You will keep this for a month during which we will see how active you are in the forum, server and TS.  After this month, we will evaluate and decide whether or not we are going to keep you or not.

We dont expect you to constantly be active but we dont want someone in the clan who doesnt do anything whatsoever either, who isnt willing to participate in clan matches when we hold them and just turns up occassionally for a game and expects all clan priviliges.

A few reasons why we would refuse are based on experience so far. If you break any of our rules above, you arent a team player or you are perhaps a little toooo good and accurate and we think you might be hacking, as we are a quite close clan, if we dont think you fit in.

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